Do you want to change your future today?

Discover how to take control of your life and start winning!!

Do you want to know the secret to overcome any obstacle that you will ever face?

Do you want insight into phenomenally powerful secrets to success?

Do you want to achieve breakthrough successes repeatedly AND understand why?

Do you wish that you had your own individual, custom-made success strategy?

Do you wish to have a plan for your future that could adapt as you change?

Do you want a plan that addresses all of you and not just some facets?

Do you deserve something that shows you how to achieve your maximum potential?

Do you deserve something that will allow you to improve your self-worth non-stop?

Do you want an unfair advantage that is so revolutionary that it is barely legal?

Are you ready to step up and move your life forward with incredible speed and accuracy?

Introducing - Wheel of Success!!


By following this program you will quickly:

  • Develop a streamlined action plan to recover from:
    • Being undervalued
    • Feeling unappreciated
    • Lack of progress
    • Career setbacks
    • Personal tragedy
    • Sabbatical
    • Losing your way

  • Re-define yourself after:
    • Promotion
    • Graduation
    • Losing your job
    • Divorce / Breakup
    • Birth of the baby
    • Child leaving the home
    • Death of a loved one

  • Gain insight into all 7 dimensions of your life and how they work together
  • Understand who you really are now and who you can become
  • Understand what your true potential is and how you can reach it
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses (all of them)
  • Understand your behavior and why you do certain things 
  • Understand what is really important to you
  • Have self-measurement criteria defined by you
  • Have a re-usable self-measurement benchmark
  • Choose what you want to change in your life
  • Prioritize your life around what you want to do and achieve
  • Build a road map to success and happiness for your life
  • Have an executable life-plan that solid, reliable
  • A personal habit evaluation framework
  • The personal habit implementation program


The Wheel of Success is made for you!!

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how. - Friedrich Nietzsche


You cannot fix a problem using the same thinking that caused it!!

Future Trust's professionals have always addressed issues from a cause and not a symptom perspective. 

By actively promoting, enhancing and growing people from task completion, to process fulfillment, through value generation and delivery to benefit realization the professionals at Future Trust have been changing the fortunes of organizations and enhancing careers for our client's staff.

This relentless pursuit of excellence brought inevitable success and a deep understanding of how people, groups, teams, and organizations work.

13 Countries, 22 organizations, 9 industries, over a decade of consistent positive output.

Our professionals took all of that experience and knowledge to design this course... 

Then they had this course verified and vetted by external experts...

  • Wheel of Life Practitioners
  • Holistic Wellness Counsellors
  • Educational and Industrial Psychologists
  • Medical Doctors
  • Business and Life Coaches
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Strategy Development and Implementation Consultants
  • Organizational Change Management Specialists
  • Process Design, Engineering, and Improvement Experts
  • Program and Project Management Professionals
  • Behavior Modification Masters

The response was overwhelming!!!   🤭 (Some experts even refused to give it back...)

But don't take our word for it:

They named the effect of this course -

to make the flip!!!

Ambition to Accomplished
Average to Amazing
Boring to Beautiful
Break to Build
Chaos to Control
Cowardness to Confidence
Dabble to Deliver
Disbelief to Done
Failure to Fulfilled
Fat to Fit
Heartache to Happiness
Indifference to Involvement
Mediocre to Magical
Pain to Pleasure
Sadness to Celebration
Sickly to Strong
Sorrow to Satisfaction
Suffering to Success
Tragedy to Triumph
Weakness to Wealth

Come on you can make the flip!!!

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  • I don’t have enough time.

    The Wheel of Success is a self-paced course where YOU are the master. The entire course can be completed within 4 hours... It consists of easily manageable modules and each of the modules has processes inside them. It was designed to fit into and be used effectively in our busy lives. Be aware that the changes it will make and the answers it will provide will improve your life forever! AND course starts producing positive results within the first hour!

  • I don’t have enough money.

    This course is priced as low as we can while still retaining psychological value. As humans we don't value ANYTHING we get too cheaply. In terms of value for money, it cost less than any one of these - Wheel of Life Course, Holistic Wellness Course, Personal Trainer, Business and/or Life Coach, Personal Strategy Development Course, Personal Change Management Course, and Project Management Training. This course has all of them integrated into an easy to use step-by-step program.

  • It won’t work for me.

    This course has been in development for over a decade. It has been successfully used in various businesses for a long time and every component is currently being used by large numbers of people in professional organizations on a daily basis. Furthermore, the course was verified and vetted by external experts who all agreed that it will provide benefit to every single person using it. Most Importantly - We have not had a single person that did not respond positively to it EVER!!

  • I don’t believe you.

    Don't believe us - believe our clients. Review the recommendations we get from our clients, the feedback that you are welcome to obtain directly from anybody that has ever done the course. This feedback was received over and above our service delivery. We were paid for our services and then praised...

  • I don’t need it.

    Yes, you are right - ONLY if you prefer that your life remains outside your control, however, if you want control of your life and future - get this course now! = > The overwhelming majority of people you will meet in your life will not be in control of their lives. Some would strike it lucky, and others not so much. How many people are born into the top, and how many get there by themselves. Here is a personal challenge from me to you - find me one person that made it to the top without a strategy or a plan, and I will publically apologize to you - and I will give you this course for FREE!!

  • I will personally remove any risk...

    100% satisfaction guarantee or money back!!! - Can't be simpler than that.

  • Can I ask you something?

    When we have a personal chat, 1-on-1 3 months from now, what are you going to tell me? How long can you still you wait before you DO something? What else do you need to lose? Which remaining humiliation do you need to suffer? What do you still need to sacrifice before you have had enough? Whose permission do you need? ---- Please --- Just stop doing this to yourself...

Course curriculum

  • 2


    • Welcome to Overview
    • Learning Outcomes - Overview
    • Wheel of life concept
    • Overview Feedback
  • 3

    Dimension Detail

    • Welcome to Dimension Detail
    • Learning Outcomes - Dimensions Detail
    • Dimension detail
    • Physical
    • Emotional
    • Intellectual
    • Social
    • Spiritual
    • Environmental
    • Occupational
    • Dimension Detail Feedback
  • 4


    • Welcome to Assessment
    • Learning Outcomes - Assessment
    • Assessment Workbook Download
    • Assessment
    • Assessment Feedback
  • 5

    Action Plan

    • Welcome to Action Plan
    • Learning Outcomes - Action Plan
    • Action Plan
    • Planning for Action
  • 6


    • Execute
    • Action
    • Bonus - What to do if you don’t know what to do?